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Rules of Aggressive

Basic rules:

Exploit any errors is prohibited. If you notice an error in a game, please report at or via Facebook . (Before reporting, make sure your game client has the latest updates necessary for our server).

Any player who violates the development of the game, either by providing false information, harassing, threatening, cheating, leaving farmear a character in peace zones will be punished at the discretion of Staff.

Managers are usually informed about errors as mobs stuck in the ground, but if you see someone who is exploiting (ramps, etc.) must inform at or via Facebook with evidence (screenshots or videos) and which is punishable.

The exploitation of Strider / Wyvern to overcome the limitations of the map will be punished. Please report such events screenshots / videos.

Accusing a manager or GM to benefit any player is punishable. The administration has no friends in the game.

We will not be responsible for any loss or exp item during the game and under no circumstance items will be replaced or refunded.

Respect other players is the key to a friendly community. Racism, Nazism or abusive comments towards others will not be tolerated and we will take appropriate action against anyone who violates this rule measures.

PvP, PK and Role-Playing are allowed. You will not be limited or punished in any way.

Any incriminating the Administrator or any other player it must be proven with screenshots or other visual material. Otherwise, the accuser may be expelled for slander.

Make an effort to keep the game fair and fun for everyone following these rules. If you believe that someone is violating any of the above rules, please report it to administrators .

All information in the database is owned by the management. the sale of characters / accounts / items by actual items / silver is prohibited. Administrators never disclose your account information to third parties. However, we keep the right to do with it whatever it takes.

Account Security:

It is the sole responsibility of each player taking care of your account / items within the game.

All accounts and all the characters are owned by the management server.


Donations not are required to play on our server, and are completely voluntary.

Items received within the game to a player who has made a donation are by way of thanks for collaborating voluntarily with server maintenance and administration no obligation to deliver them.

Make a donation does not give any benefit to the player on the rules of the server and / or treatment by administrators. Any offense or willful misconduct will be penalized the same way as the rest of the players.

It is up to each player to know that no claims will be accepted for loss of items / accounts / characters is for whatever reason (server error, rollback or closing thereof) and no refund for them.

If you do not agree with any of the server rules, please do not make any donation because there is no room for complaints.
Vote our sever on HopZone.Net - top l2 servers
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